Emma Gilbey Keller

I am currently writing a memoir about the roles that religion and motherhood have played in my life. It’s part of my interest in how we live now, particularly those of us 20th Century women living 21st Century lives.

I have contributed health stories to WNYC and co-hosted The Antidote – their pilot health show. Check it out here.

From 2012 until 2014, I was a contributing writer at the Guardian US. I created and hosted The Living Hour, which was a series about – you’ve guessed it – how we live now. I also created and ran their Summer Reads and Winter Reads book awards. You can see my work there.

I occasionally review books for the New York Times Book Review among others. Here is one.

In 2009, my book The Comeback: Seven Stories of Women Who Went from Career to Family and Back Again was released in paperback by Bloomsbury. You can get it as an ebook here. That same year I wrote and edited at Doublex.com where I created the ‘Your Comeback’ blog – a section that covered all the transitional moments in a woman’s life.

I’ve written for more websites, magazines and newspapers than I can count. Both in the US and in the UK where I am from. I’ve also traveled around the country talking to women of all ages in professional associations, colleges, parenting groups, church halls and schools about any topic women are interested in.

My first book, The Lady: The Life and Times of Winnie Mandela came out in 1994. It was published by Vintage.

When not at my computer, on the road, or staring into space, I live in New York with my husband, Bill Keller, our two daughters, Molly and Alice and our faithful hounds, Bella and Blue.